Artistic Piece – figured Tasmanian Ash veneer

David (Mon PM TG) – 

I’m not entirely sure what this piece actually is. It started off after I thought of the shape and wondered if I could actually make it. I have had a couple uses suggested such as a bowl of some sort or a light fitting to be put up against a wall. I think I might try to make three of the same pieces and combine them to form a desktop lamp.

The initial design was done using 3D CAD modelling software called ‘SolidWorks’. I used a 3D printer to prototype a number of samples and to play around with the sizing and various radii. Then I used a 3D printer again to print the two forms used to press the veneer into the final shape.  Each plastic form took around 50 hours to print, the internal is not actually solid but uses a honeycomb structure to reduce the amount of plastic needed.

The veneer used was figured Tasmanian Ash. The final piece has seven layers with alternating grain to give extra rigidity and strength. Two cut-outs were made with a knife and then the sheets were pressed in-between the two plastic forms and clamped while the glue went off. We used two part epoxy for the glue and finished off with an oil finish.