Bernard (Thu AM TG) – 

It was built following a request from my wife for a bench to go into our outside bathroom at the beach house. Accordingly, a George Nelson design was selected and built using Accoya, which in this case is pine that has been treated with “vinegar” to render it more durable for outdoor applications. You can Google Accoya to find out more information on the treatment.

The challenges in such a piece were in trying to accurately cut the multiple joints of the deck and the angled finger joints for the legs. The deck joints were cut on the router table and cleaned up by hand, while the leg joints were cut using a Verities magnetic saw guide. Needless to say it was very time consuming.

The Accoya was very soft and great care was needed to reduce the incidence of tearout.

Epoxy glue was used for its strength and durability. It’s also good for filling gaps where my craftsmanship was found a bit wanting.

The deck of the bench has been finished in clear polyurethane, and the legs are simply painted KD hardwood. I think the contrast works well.