One of our morning Tutor Group Members – 

This console was made to fit between the seats of a 1970 model car that I am restoring. The car has a glove box, but unlike more modern cars, has no other storage space for small personal items.

To fit the console between the seats meant that only the front and rear faces were parallel to each other, everything else tapered from the front to the rear. In effect it is a box with two opposite ends of unequal lengths, so the angles of the corner mitres had to be calculated using the lengths of all the sides.

Because the construction is of relatively thin American walnut (selected to match the tan seats), the corners were reinforced with triangular fillets planed to match the angles of the mitres.

The rest is fairly standard box construction apart from the grooves for the 3mm. plywood base routed above the lower edges of the sides to allow clearance for the curved surface across the transmission tunnel.