Blackheart Sassafras & ebonised Vic Ash Hall Table

Kylie (Mon PM TG) – 

I’ve wanted to use Blackheart Sassafras for a very long time now. It’s beautiful and striking and I was super excited to get this particular piece (thanks Rob – Australian Premier Veneers). The design of the table is very simple as I wanted it to be all about the timber, with the idea that the sassafras is suspended in a plain frame.

The top is exactly as I found it, minus a few shavings. The frame is made from Vic Ash which has been ebonised and stained: teabags, coffee, vinegar, steel wool, filler, walnut stain, brown and black japan – it felt like I was coming to woodwork to do chemistry. It was fun and interesting, and I feel the end result has the depth and colour I was seeking.

The sassafras is finished with polyurethane and the frame with danish oil, all of which was done prior to final glue up.

The table took about 5 terms to complete, but was promised to my sister about 5 years ago, when I asked her to set aside a bit of real estate in her new house. I’ll be making a road trip to SA soon to deliver – I’ve given her the dimensions but revealed nothing else, so hope she likes it.