Blue Gum & American Maple “Magic“ Cupboard

Michelle (Wed PM TG) –

I call this the magic cupboard because it just looks like a cupboard until you open it, then magic.

The genesis of this design was a Pennsylvania spice box, then I sized it to hold embroidery equipment and threads. So 15 drawers (1 is hiding) and over 120 dovetails later here we are.

Many thanks to the Wednesday night team and Gray for the many lifts and listening to some extreme language when all didn’t go as planned.


Tassie Oak/Blackwood Small Cabinet

Tracy (Tue AM TG) –

Cabinet made from Tassie oak, with veneered blackwood sliding doors and backing. Adjustable shelf. This was a good first try at veneering, which I was able to do with lots of clamps and melamine boards and a slight word to the heavens. Now the man of the house can keep everything together in one spot.


American Maple Coffee Table

Soo Ming (Mon PM TG) –

The story behind the design is that we were simply unable to find a nice enough table that suited the space that we had for it. Living in an apartment only a small space is available and most coffee tables for sale were either too big, too small, or just not great.

Really the unusual shape was probably borne out of random doodling and requirements of our living room – so one would be less likely to kick the corner of the table when going past it walking to the kitchen behind… I have been constantly reminded that the table is not square, my response to that has always been – really? I did not realise…

I spent almost a whole term on the design going back and forth between Gray and the missus before deciding on one that met all the stakeholder’s requirements and would still be a worthy first project.

Bringing the table back finally after 3 years – first thing that was said to me was… it doesn’t match the other furniture in the room does it…?