Blackheart Sassafras & ebonised Vic Ash Hall Table

Kylie (Mon PM TG) – 

I’ve wanted to use Blackheart Sassafras for a very long time now. It’s beautiful and striking and I was super excited to get this particular piece (thanks Rob – Australian Premier Veneers). The design of the table is very simple as I wanted it to be all about the timber, with the idea that the sassafras is suspended in a plain frame.

The top is exactly as I found it, minus a few shavings. The frame is made from Vic Ash which has been ebonised and stained: teabags, coffee, vinegar, steel wool, filler, walnut stain, brown and black japan – it felt like I was coming to woodwork to do chemistry. It was fun and interesting, and I feel the end result has the depth and colour I was seeking.

The sassafras is finished with polyurethane and the frame with danish oil, all of which was done prior to final glue up.

The table took about 5 terms to complete, but was promised to my sister about 5 years ago, when I asked her to set aside a bit of real estate in her new house. I’ll be making a road trip to SA soon to deliver – I’ve given her the dimensions but revealed nothing else, so hope she likes it.



American Cherry Cabinet

David (Tue PM TG) – 

I bought the American Cherry planks and the Hard Maple for the drawer sides in April 2012 and spent the first 6 weeks or so getting the design and drawings all worked out.  34 dovetailed corners and about 60 tenons and some assorted trenches later I’m glad its finally done – though I’m still not exactly sure what you’d call it – a cabinet with drawers?

I did spend a whole term making the moulding on top, which went through a dozen mock ups and prototypes.  The finish is Danish Oil – around 8 or 9 coats.  No individual part was especially difficult just about 3-4 years longer than I’d first anticipated!



Multi-Timber Type Dining Chairs x 10

Charles (Wed AM TG) – 

My wife, Jane, had put up with our mis-matched antique dining chairs for 30+ years.  Enough!

Under this pressure I  designed, modelled, prototyped, built 10 dining chairs in similar design but with different timber boards (from Matthews) (PNG Rosewood, Fiji Mahogany, US Maple, Euro Oak, NZ Beech, US Oak, Black Butt, Ebonised US Oak, Tassie Oak & American Cherry).

The end result is a set of 10 surprisingly comfortable and “different but matching chairs”.  Google gave me the critical angles for “Back Slope”, “Seat Slope”, “Seat Height” etc.

During the process I learned a lot about different timbers, tools and a myriad of mistakes that can be made (it seems I am the only one to notice most of them).

Thanks to the Wednesday AM group for their input and support.


Blackwood Writing Desk

Campbell (Fri AM TG) – 

The desk is designed for a small space and is just deep enough for a laptop or writing pad.  It is all blackwood timber demonstrating the variation in colours and textures from the warm desktop to the contrasting dark legs.  The top is constructed as a rectangular box with legs attached through angled bridle joints.  There are narrow open shelves at each end. The drawer handle was made from timber matching the legs.  Finish is Danish oil.


The In-Law Collection – set of boxes

Kylie (Mon PM TG) –

This set of boxes I have named “the in-law collection”, they are gifts for my husband’s brother and my brother’s wives (and one for my husband). They started life as a quick and simple project while I procrastinated my next design. “A quick cuff-link box using some nice left over timber”. And then it was 2 boxes, and then 4 boxes. Nice timber, nice gifts, and not quick. The timbers are wenge, maple, new guinea rosewood, huon pine and silky oak – all finished in Danish oil.

In hindsight they were the perfect small project for 2016 while I recovered from 3 knee operations.