The In-Law Collection – set of boxes

Kylie (Mon PM TG) –

This set of boxes I have named “the in-law collection”, they are gifts for my husband’s brother and my brother’s wives (and one for my husband). They started life as a quick and simple project while I procrastinated my next design. “A quick cuff-link box using some nice left over timber”. And then it was 2 boxes, and then 4 boxes. Nice timber, nice gifts, and not quick. The timbers are wenge, maple, new guinea rosewood, huon pine and silky oak – all finished in Danish oil.

In hindsight they were the perfect small project for 2016 while I recovered from 3 knee operations.



Maple and Wenge Box

Kylie (Mon PM TG) – 

I made this small box for my mum for last xmas. I’m positive she appreciates it, but I think the focus on design was lost on other members of my family, after my brother’s comment “what’s in the box” and my dad’s comment “the handle is too small to use” (he’s right though).

It is made from Maple and Wenge and finished with danish oil. I made the Maple box first and then wrapped and glued the Wenge around it. Despite the size of this project I still had plenty to learn, with grain matching all round and precision work so that the lid can be twisted and still fit (phew, it worked).