American Cherry Cabinet

David (Tue PM TG) – 

I bought the American Cherry planks and the Hard Maple for the drawer sides in April 2012 and spent the first 6 weeks or so getting the design and drawings all worked out.  34 dovetailed corners and about 60 tenons and some assorted trenches later I’m glad its finally done – though I’m still not exactly sure what you’d call it – a cabinet with drawers?

I did spend a whole term making the moulding on top, which went through a dozen mock ups and prototypes.  The finish is Danish Oil – around 8 or 9 coats.  No individual part was especially difficult just about 3-4 years longer than I’d first anticipated!



Blue Gum & American Maple “Magic“ Cupboard

Michelle (Wed PM TG) –

I call this the magic cupboard because it just looks like a cupboard until you open it, then magic.

The genesis of this design was a Pennsylvania spice box, then I sized it to hold embroidery equipment and threads. So 15 drawers (1 is hiding) and over 120 dovetails later here we are.

Many thanks to the Wednesday night team and Gray for the many lifts and listening to some extreme language when all didn’t go as planned.


Tassie Oak/Blackwood Small Cabinet

Tracy (Tue AM TG) –

Cabinet made from Tassie oak, with veneered blackwood sliding doors and backing. Adjustable shelf. This was a good first try at veneering, which I was able to do with lots of clamps and melamine boards and a slight word to the heavens. Now the man of the house can keep everything together in one spot.


Karri and Shoji Gami paper cabinet

David (Mon PM TG) – 

The wood is Karri which was pretty hard and a little difficult to work with.  It felt like I was always sharpening chisels and plane blades.  It was also my first project with MSFW.  I’m very happy with the results though.  The paper is called shoji gami and was sent over from Japan by my father-in-law.  The design has Japanese influence, a mixture of a few different styles.  The lattice work on the doors was decided upon after taking many photos of different options and discussing these with Gray and the other members of the tutor group.