Multi-Timber Type Dining Chairs x 10

Charles (Wed AM TG) – 

My wife, Jane, had put up with our mis-matched antique dining chairs for 30+ years.  Enough!

Under this pressure I  designed, modelled, prototyped, built 10 dining chairs in similar design but with different timber boards (from Matthews) (PNG Rosewood, Fiji Mahogany, US Maple, Euro Oak, NZ Beech, US Oak, Black Butt, Ebonised US Oak, Tassie Oak & American Cherry).

The end result is a set of 10 surprisingly comfortable and “different but matching chairs”.  Google gave me the critical angles for “Back Slope”, “Seat Slope”, “Seat Height” etc.

During the process I learned a lot about different timbers, tools and a myriad of mistakes that can be made (it seems I am the only one to notice most of them).

Thanks to the Wednesday AM group for their input and support.


American Maple and anodised aluminium Bench Seat

David (Mon PM TG) – 

The timber is American Maple and the darker pieces are anodised aluminium.  The end pieces were formed by cutting lengths with a 3 degree angle on each side and then gluing them together in a similar fashion as to how wine barrels are made. This was then planed smooth using an old plane with a base that can be adjusted into a curve.

The joining pieces were machined from aluminium and then anodised in a solution with a blue dye and then fixed into the timber with epoxy. Most of the build time was spent applying finish and sanding between each coat before glue up.

We use it all the time to remove and put shoes on in the entryway of our house.