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Blue Gum & American Maple “Magic“ Cupboard

Michelle (Wed PM TG) - I call this the magic cupboard because it just looks like a cupboard until you open it, then magic. The genesis of this design was a Pennsylvania spice box, then I sized it to hold embroidery equipment and threads. So 15 drawers (1 is hiding)...

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Tassie Oak/Blackwood Small Cabinet

Tracy (Tue AM TG) - Cabinet made from Tassie oak, with veneered blackwood sliding doors and backing. Adjustable shelf. This was a good first try at veneering, which I was able to do with lots of clamps and melamine boards and a slight word to the heavens. Now the man...

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American Maple Coffee Table

Soo Ming (Mon PM TG) - The story behind the design is that we were simply unable to find a nice enough table that suited the space that we had for it. Living in an apartment only a small space is available and most coffee tables for sale were either too big, too...

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The In-Law Collection – set of boxes

Kylie (Mon PM TG) - This set of boxes I have named “the in-law collection”, they are gifts for my husband’s brother and my brother’s wives (and one for my husband). They started life as a quick and simple project while I procrastinated my next design. “A quick...

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Vic Ash Coffee Table (in progress)

Adrian (Fri AM TG) -  In-progress photos of my coffee table. The base is almost complete and I've only just started the top. All Vic ash with Japan black proof tint as a stain. I wanted the design to incorporate a contrast between the upper and lower halves of the...

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Tasmanian Blackwood Bedside Tables

Grant (Mon PM TG) -  My first project with the School is a pair of bedside tables made entirely out of Tasmanian Blackwood.  Coming in with no idea of what exactly I wanted to make other than that I wanted to build fine furniture I eventually thought a pair of bedside...

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