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American Maple Coffee Table

Soo Ming (Mon PM TG) - The story behind the design is that we were simply unable to find a nice enough table that suited the space that we had for it. Living in an apartment only a small space is available and most coffee tables for sale were either too big, too...

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The In-Law Collection – set of boxes

Kylie (Mon PM TG) - This set of boxes I have named “the in-law collection”, they are gifts for my husband’s brother and my brother’s wives (and one for my husband). They started life as a quick and simple project while I procrastinated my next design. “A quick...

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Vic Ash Coffee Table (in progress)

Adrian (Fri AM TG) -  In-progress photos of my coffee table. The base is almost complete and I've only just started the top. All Vic ash with Japan black proof tint as a stain. I wanted the design to incorporate a contrast between the upper and lower halves of the...

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Tasmanian Blackwood Bedside Tables

Grant (Mon PM TG) -  My first project with the School is a pair of bedside tables made entirely out of Tasmanian Blackwood.  Coming in with no idea of what exactly I wanted to make other than that I wanted to build fine furniture I eventually thought a pair of bedside...

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Vic Ash Dining Table

Michelle (Thu AM TG) -  Michelle had an existing dining table that she wanted to make an extension to for large family gatherings.  She needed the leg to be removed from the top relatively easy for storage. As it turns out it can also be a stand-alone table as the...

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Redgum Coffee Table

Peter (Wed AM TG) -  I have never studied design, or even read much about it. For a functional piece of furniture, I am a firm believer in function dictating form. For a coffee table, that is very simple. All you need is a flat surface of the desired dimension at the...

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