French Polishing

FP – $900

3 day course – includes most materials


Ben Hodgetts is a professional restorer who has over 30 years experience in restoring quality furniture for museums and private collections in Australia and England.  He has a wealth of experience that he conveys in an engaging and informative way.

Join Ben for this 3 day hands-on course suitable for beginners and learn the fundamentals of French Polishing.

Each student will end up with an:

  • antique distressed panel
  • rosewood / curl mahogany grain panel
  • marble /stone panel
  • black japanned panel
  • one large panel that is water stained and oil stained with gold / painted inlay
  • all panels are French Polished

This is purely a French Polishing course.

Ben also teaches our Furniture Restoration course.  If you’re interested, have a look for course dates.


No course currently scheduled.


Email Kym if you are interested in attending this course or have any questions.  I will add you to an ''interested'' list and contact you once new dates have been scheduled –