“I love making these little sculptures of boats, I’m not trying to make a model, I just want to create something that captures the essence of boats and their promise of freedom and adventure.”

Boats have beautiful lines and capturing the movement in the sail and the way light falls on the form is the key to success. Their lines are beautiful and inherently sculptural.

In this class, you’ll be able to explore your own creative ideas and create a piece that sparks the imagination and is full of whimsy. We’ll be using Huon Pine, a timber synonymous with boats. It’s also beautiful and exquisite to carve.

You’ll cover the following topics:

  • Timber and tool selection
  • Design
  • Creating a blank
  • Carving techniques
  • Finishing – sanding, texturing, painting and charring (shou sugi ban)
  • Tool maintenance and sharpening
  • Mounting work

All tools and timber are supplied, just bring a notepad and pencil. If you have carving tools of your own that you’d like to use feel free to bring them.

You’re very welcome if you’re new to carving.

For more information, you can call Carol on 0403887715.

“Carol is one of Australia’s top teachers in the fine ancient craft of wood carving” – Richard Cole


Carol Russell is a woodcarver and teacher who has been teaching and exhibiting widely throughout Australia for many years. She believes in using simple tools and building skill through practise and experimentation with timber and form. Carol has taught several classes at the Melbourne School of Fine Woodworking.

“Each timber species has a nature of its own. It’s a living breathing material and that keeps things interesting as you are concentrating all the time on grain direction and tool sharpness to get the best out of it. The wood dictates the outcome to a certain extent. Every piece is different and working with timber is like opening a present, you never know what’s inside. I love sharing this experience with others and seeing their excitement as things take shape.”

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