Explore the gentle, meditative art of wood carving by learning to carve small animal forms. The emphasis of this class is to learn to create a three-dimensional sculpture hand-held using simple hand tools.

In this class you will learn how to carve small abstract animal forms that capture the essence of your  subject. These little sculptures are full of delight and are a great way to find your own creative voice whilst learning the technical side of using carving tools.

The timber used for these little sculptures is very much part of the story, the form can be influenced by the grain, so timber choice is important. We’ll work with a variety of beautiful Australian timber.

The class will cover:

  • Design and interpretation of forms
  • Timber and tool selection
  • Cutting blanks by hand and with a bandsaw
  • Sharpening
  • Safe carving techniques
  • Finishing using milk paint, natural pigments, oils and charring

No previous experience necessary. Please bring an apron if you have one. All tools and materials are supplied, however if you have tools you’d like to bring, please feel free.

For more information, you can call Carol on 0403887715.

“Carol is one of Australia’s top teachers in the fine ancient craft of wood carving” – Richard Cole


Carol Russell is a self-taught woodworker who has been making pieces for most of her adult life, She began in 1987 with small furniture projects and antique restoration, spending time in workshops and gleaning what she could from craftspeople who were prepared to share their knowledge. She spent several years on small commission projects, exhibiting her work in galleries in Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney.

Carol became interested in teaching the craft herself. In 1997 she began teaching woodwork at Carbatec, a supplier of woodworking tools in Brisbane, where she was employed to create a woodworking school. The Australian Wood Review have published several of her articles on tools and woodworking techniques. She works full time teaching and creating unique pieces of tableware and small sculptural pieces from Australia’s forest timbers.

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