IFM – $420


Join Gray Balmer for this two day course for beginners. Gray will introduce you to the process of furniture making including:

  • Introduction to safety on the standing machines
  • Introduction to the use and care of hand tools
  • Accurate mark out
  • Layout of tools
  • Use of saws, hand planes, chisels
  • Practice joinery
  • Sharpening
  • Plans and Drawings
  • Preparation for the purchase of materials
  • Timber selection

This is a stand alone course where you learn the fundamentals required to start furniture making. It is not a project based course but will give you a good grounding if you are intending to join a msfw Tutor Group, or if you want to attend any of msfw’s project based courses.

No previous experience required.


February 2023 | 3 vacancies

  • Sat/Sun | 11/12 February
  • 10am – 4pm


Email us at if you are interested in attending this course or have any questions.

If all courses are full or there is no course date listed, you can be added to an ''interested'' list and contacted once new dates have been scheduled –

“I found the Introduction to Furniture Making course to be a comprehensive, realistic and inspiring class.  It was a real privilege to hear from and see an expert at work, doing such fine and beautiful work.  I was really pleased to see something of how the experts work.  It was great to hear an overview of woodworking and to see something of the depth of skill and knowledge that is involved in making a fine piece of furniture.  It gave a clear and concise view of the work.  I appreciated Gray’s high standards and enthusiasm, his depth of knowledge and the fact that he didn’t dumb it down too much.  I loved being in the room with all the projects in the shelves and the tools and machines.”